Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Getting to Teluk Batik (click on image to enlarge & print)

From Kuala Lumpur take the North South Highway heading to the north. Exit "Bidor" and go towards "Bidor" town and take "Federal and State Roads 58" heading to "Teluk Intan".

Once you are in Teluk Intan, move towards road "5" (If you were to ask the locals ask for "Jalan Batak Rabit") You are still on road 5 ("Jalan Batak Rabit") until you reach a T junction with a traffic light and a sign board showing direction to "Lumut" and turn right.

Still on road "5" you will past "Kampung Batu 8 Lekir" then is all the way to Sitiawan - Lumut.

"Happy Driving & Save Journey"
RMuzafar Shah